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Question   Marley
Thank you for the beautiful photos of Marley. You are so talented and creative. Every time I look at the pictures it put a big smile on my face.

- Angie Bennett 9/26/2012 8:36:43 PM

  Answer Awwww thanks Angie !! Marley is such a little happy trooper!!

- Carole F.  2/12/2013 3:19:30 PM

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Question   The Photographs
The photographs in the gallery are very impressive! Your work is very good! I got lost in the moment!

- Travis Schnapp 4/5/2012 8:56:18 PM

  Answer Thank you Travis !!! Thanks for looking and commenting!!

- Carole F.  4/26/2012 10:40:31 PM

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Question   Thank you
Carole, I wanted to thank you, Joan and James for all the hard work you did the day of our wedding. The pictures are wonderful, no one could ask for any better. I am thankful that you all were there to capture the moment in our lives that day. You are people with wonderful talent and I THANK YOU.

PS. I still like the AU on the barn better than the Tenn. HA HA

- Clint McElmoyl 4/17/2009 1:09:33 PM

  Answer Thank you Clint, I am glad I had a small part in your wonderful day!

- JOAN M.  4/17/2009 4:25:53 PM

  Answer James and I are also glad we could be there too. I felt I owed it to you to show you how cute the T was on the barn. LOL We had alot of fun, we sort of feel like we have watched you grow up as a couple and I hope you LOVE , LOVE , LOVE your pictures for many years to come.

- Carole F.  4/17/2009 7:05:44 PM

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Question   Mitchell/McElmoyl Wedding
Do you still have prints to post??

- Patricia Chumley 4/7/2009 12:57:53 PM

  Answer Yes I still have 2 more photo disc that I have not even downloaded to the computer yet. I try to post under the gallery when the gallery is complete. It generally takes 3-4 weeks for me to be able to complete a wedding gallery. Thanks for writing in our guestbook and I hope you are enjoying the photos we have posted so far.

- Carole F.  4/7/2009 2:42:47 PM

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Question   Thank You
Thanks Carole for the great pictures you took at Christmas. It is always so hard to get Austin to cooperate, but somehow you always manage to do so. Thanks for having the patience. Looking forward to doing the beach pictures again in May.

- Jeanine Fairris 2/3/2009 7:30:36 AM

  Answer Thank you Jeanine for signing our guest book . Can't wait for the beach photos myself. I have a good feeling we are going to get even better beach photos this year than last years.

- Carole F.  2/3/2009 7:39:27 PM

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Question   Beautiful Christmas photos
Thanks, Carole for the excellent job you did with my boys Christmas photos. It's hard for a photographer to capture my youngest sons dimples but you succeded. They had so much fun and your artistness just really corresponded well , together that made some great photos. Thanks so much.

- Mahala Valencia 1/11/2009 2:57:48 PM

  Answer Thanks Mahala, I had a blast too. You all did a great job in a moments notice. Thanks for signing our guestbook!!! We love hearing from everyone even our cousins!!LOL

- Carole F.  1/12/2009 6:00:30 AM

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Question   Thsnk you so Much for Your Help
All the photographers would like to thank Heather and Jaime , all the teachers and assistants at Wills Valley Purpose Center for all their help and support at the photo shoot over the past 2 days. We would also like to thank Amanda Owen for taking time to stay and help make this photo shoot sucessful.

- Carole Fairris 10/5/2008 8:36:39 AM

  Answer It was not a problem at all I enjoyed it. Can't wait to see yall Sunday at 2 for my family pictures. I am super excited.

- Amanda Owen  10/7/2008 8:02:46 AM

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Question   Hey guys way to go!
The pics of Sam and Reese McCurdy are great. I can't wait to get some family pictures done.

- Amanda Owen (Stewart) 9/23/2008 8:10:10 AM

  Answer Thank You, Amanda. It was such a pleasure to see Pam , Jen, and the little angels. I would love nothing more than to capture your beautiful family. :)

- Elizabeth Phillips  9/24/2008 7:38:09 PM

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Question   Wedding Pictures
Well...There's no words to describe how I feel about you guys, yall aren't just photographers, you are friends! You guys have done such a wonderful job with our photos! You have gave us memories to last a life-time! Yall are like part of the family, I'm gonna miss you guys, but you can bet when we decided to have a little one, you guys will be hearing from us!!!

- Erica Wynn 9/7/2008 2:05:54 PM

  Answer Thank you Erica and Dustin for believing in us before you ever even seen our work. We hope when you look at your photos in the future your wedding day will be remembered as being as much fun as it was. Thank you for allowing us to have the fun with you and for trying all the crazy poses we come up with. You all have been great and you better keep in touch.

- Carole F.  9/9/2008 2:19:15 PM

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Question   Great Pics!!
I have just married off my second son this year and you all have done both engagement and wedding pictures, so.....we seem like family!!!! Everyone of the pics are great of both Derek and Dustin's . You all are great and I will highly recommend you to all. As soon as I can recoupe from the wedding this past Saturday, I will make plans for my neices's grad pics!! Can't wait to see what you have plan for her!!

- Lydia Wynn 9/2/2008 10:45:15 AM

  Answer Thank You so much Lydia for your family having us. We felt like we were watching our family get married too. Dustin and Erica are so special to us because they were the first couple that booked a wedding with us right after we started our business in April. We are looking forward to seeing Brittany now and Thanks for all your referrals. I have got 2 emails for weddings already. Love Carole, James and Elizabeth

- Carole F.  9/3/2008 8:48:30 PM

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